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Reiki Symbols, their meanings and use

Symbols shortly available for meditation and healing purposes.
Can also be used to imprint the symbols on the self which helps you to feel their energy at a much deeper level.
Also can be used for healing water, food and plants, just pop them under the item that needs healing.

Ancient Tibetan Healing Symbols

Antikharana healing symbols
For those of you that have done Reiki Fourth Degree (Advanced Reiki) I don't need to say how powerful these symbols are! Just a reminder, always use the male at the feet for grounding.
This set of symbols have helped myself and others in many different ways! Thats why we are now doing a range of items with the Antikharana on, to make it more flexible for use.
Small Laminated Symbols
Ideal for putting in moisturising gloves overnight for hand healing, or in shoes for foot healing.
Square Cloth
Can be placed anywhere but client has to be still
Healing on the go, Happy Feet I call them, You can wear them all day. They are great for any foot problems, they keep you grounded and focused, I have some on now.
Healing on the go, ideal for anyone with discomfort in their upper body. Why not try a pink one with the multiple symbol for asthma, lung, shoulder or back etc.
Wow, they are great, they wrap you in unconditional love! and you get an overall healing.
Please note that the Antikharana is very very powerful, it will work well alongside conventional medicine, so use them together. Never stop using medicine along with the Antikharana to boost results.
Happy Healing

Reiki Healing Symbols

Reiki Level 1-No Symbols

Reiki Level 2 Symbols

Power symbol - Choku Rei Power symbol - Choku Rei
Mental/Emotional symbol - Sei He Ki Mental/Emotional symbol - Sei He Ki
Distance symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Distance symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Reiki Level 3 Symbols

Master Usui symbol - Dai Ko Myo Master Usui symbol - Dai Ko Myo
Master Tibetan symbol - K-Dumo Master Tibetan symbol - K-Dumo
Fire Serpent symbol - Nin Giz Zida Fire Serpent symbol - Nin Giz Zida

Reiki Level 4 Symbols

Om symbol Om symbol

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