Liz Cashmore. 23 Stationfields, Halwill Junction, Beaworthy Devon. EX21 5XX Tel 07838 787750

A range of treatments to improve your well-being


Hynotherapy sessions available for:-
Past life regression. - Weight loss. - Stopping smoking.
Clinical hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to access the subconcious mind and go directly to the source of the issue/problem. Our subconcious knows and only accepts that which is best for us. That is why hypnotherapy is so effective.


Person centred counselling available for all lifes issues

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a great way to get clarity in your life. It helps you set goals and look at steps to achieve and maintain them.
It is a system of tools that can aid you in all areas of your life. Once you have learnt these you can put them into practise and see your life moving into the position you want.
You can have a group session or a 1 hour one on one.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a beautiful energy which is used to balance our bodies and relax our minds. It helps our body in the healing process.
The client is always fully clothed and the treatment can be hands on or off.

Card Readings

Card readings can help guide you on your life's path. The client gets a choice of card to be used for the reading.

Picture Readings

By accessing our subconcious through art we can get a reading from your pictures. It's fun to do, and the reading you get is straight from your own subconcious.

All treatments at a rate of £40 per hourly session.
Please telephone 01409 220157 or Mobile 07838 787750 to make appointments

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