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Information on Reikiliz Courses Offered


One day Affirmation course
Affirmations plant the seeds in the now, for a better tomorrow - after all that’s how gardens grow! This is true for us, within our subconscious mind the special place in our psyche stores our reactions to things on a feeling level as well as at a conscious level, the subconscious mirrors back to us our core beliefs good/bad, healthy/unhealthy. The subconscious mind also believes all the positive/negative self talk which it plays back to us over and over again, this mirrors back to us in our daily lives, like programming a computer, this subconscious programming is happening to you and I all the time. That’s why positive affirmations draw to us a new positive way of being, we have to state our intention in a positive way if we want the very best for ourselves and our loved ones.

On this course you will learn:
How the mind thinks the body reacts (what builds you up)
How to constructe your own positive affirmations.
How to change your state with affirmations.
The power of thanking, to create the outcomes you want.
How you can use positive visualisation to get the results you want.

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Goal Setting

One Day Goal Setting Course
Goal setting takes you on the path you want to go down or do you prefer your life to be made up of random events? The future is where we are all going to be living, so why leave it to chance! Do you know most of us spend more time learning how to use our mobile phones than planning our lives. Setting goals is the place to start to create the life you wish to have for yourself and your loved ones. Failure to plan is a planning to fail. Your tutor for this course is Liz Cashmore author and creator of the self coaching web site Goals can be big or small all goals fit the frame work of this course. What are your goals?

On this course you will learn:
How to set goals ( using the SMART model)
Your personal strengths.
Goal development skills.
Challenges and how to get round them. (blasting blocks)
Mind mapping, brain storming and chunking down.
How to do a time line of actions towards your goals.

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Dowsing for Fun

Dowsing can be used to access information on all life's issues, e.g. food intolerance, oils best for you to use, colours which enhance moods, the best crystal for personal use and hundreds of other uses.
A fun, hands on course.

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Reiki Courses


USUI system of Natural Healing

Reiki 1st degree - Treatment of Friends, Family and Self.

Seminar is complete in itself and enables you to self-heal and heal others, animals, plants and more. The hand positions and techniques in Reiki 1st degree are the basis used for all levels of training and the attunement given within the initiation process will give you the ability to utilize the Reiki energy immediately and for life. Once you have been attuned Reiki, you have Reiki forever.

Reiki 2nd degree - Practitioner Level.

Works on a deeper level amplifying the energy you already use. The sacred symbols are given to you to use. You are taught how to activate them, their meaning, their use and their energy. Reiki second degree enables you to send distance healing to people, the planet and much more.

Reiki 3rd degree - Master / Teacher Level.

For those who wish to teach Reiki, taking the person to an even deeper level by expanding the use of sacred symbols, healing on a more profound level of being and giving even more opportunity to work on the higher planes of consciousness. The use of the word “Master” for a teacher is to honour the sacred tradition of Reiki,

Reiki 4th degree - Advanced.

Takes healing to an even deeper level with the use of other tools to raise our consciousness and to work with the higher realm. Done with the use of sacred Tibetan symbols, the critical grid and psychic surgery - always done with the highest good.

Reiki Day.

New - We have now added for your enjoyment a Reiki Day where we will spend the day sending, giving and receiving healing. What bliss! Also we will go through and practise any techniques you wish to revise.
Please book early to avoid disappointment. The day costs £20.

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A Day with Spirit Guides

Level 1

This course is designed so you connect on a far deeper level with your main Spirit Guide; this guide may be your gatekeeper, your healing guide, or your teaching guide. The aim of the course is to build up a relationship between you, as it is hard to work with any depth with a spirit guide you don’t know very well. By the end of the day you will know your guide’s name, his / her energy and signature, and if you have been a healer before in a past life.

Level 2

Building good relationships and trust with your guides and mending your aura, an exiting course in which you meet a guide you don’t know! The time is spent building a relationship between you both, as you would with any new friend. You will also, if you wish, try some transfiguration.

Level 3

Looking at your past life and what lessons you need to bring forth to this life, for your highest good.

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Angel courses

Angel image

Level 1 - Working with the 7 Archangels.

These beautiful beings of light are ready and willing to interact with all of us now! The angels love to help us when we ask, or in an emergency. The Archangels love to play and get to know us! This raises a vibration and helps us to get to know them on a more personal level. We can all connect with the Archangels, it's fun and it's great to know we are never alone!

Level 2 - Meeting your Gaurdian Angel.

Everyone has a gaurdian angel, some of us even have two! Your gaurdian angel has been with you since birth, gaurdian angels love to have interaction with us, they can help us in many ways and are fun to work with. On this course you will get to know this beautiful being of light, who is ready and willing to work with you now!

Level 3 - Melchizedek and his Merkaba.

This is a very empowering workshop which includes an attunement to the Merkaba. This symbol and the attunement was channeled from Melchizedek to my reiki master Sue Sutton who attuned me and taught me how to activate and work with the symbol for the highest good of our planet and all it's inhabitants. This symbol is truly a gift to the world.

Level 4 - Healing with the Angels.

Angels, Angels everywhere! they are beings of the purest light. They love helping and healing everything and everyone. On this course Angels will be aiding us into focused healing of our planet and all living things!
This will be a day of very high vibration healing. What joy.

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Open Evenings

A bit of everything, student led. The open evenings are a good space for us to work on whatever you want!
Or it may be that you just want to touch base with like minded people.

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Working with Chi

We all have Chi energy!!!
In the western hemisphere it mostly goes unused, it is of great benefit to our overall health. I will show you techniques to harness this energy and help you work with your own Chi. It is part of your natural healing, a gift to you all, so let me show you how to benefit from it.

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Energy pulling

Years ago now, in meditation, I saw myself using this technique for healing. Now it has become a major part of the way I use the energy to remove disharmony in the body. The results have been great. NOW is the time to share this unique technique with others ! Come and be amazed!

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Meditation Evenings

A space to meditate in a calm and relaxed environment. We will be guided into a meditation for personal and spritual development, delving deep into our own subconscious.

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